Email Marketing Copy: Expansion Initiative (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)

SUBJECT: Ideas for Resident Retention 

Mouse traps? Inflatable bounce houses? Anything other than Karaoke Wednesdays…

What if I told you there was a better way? (Because there is.)

I’m the Co-Founder of Evolve United, a rising wellness company out of Denver, Colorado. We provide an all-in-one wellness program that helps you attract more tenants, retain more residents, and turn your complex into a community.

Oh yeah, and one more thing…

We just started our national expansion and Houston is one of the first cities we are targeting.

That’s right… we have a chance to make history. This is bigger than Neil Armstrong’s step on the moon. It’s bigger than step dancing. It’s bigger than the Will Farrel family film, Stepbrothers

Starting November 1st, we are launching to the moon this program with the first 10 properties that we determine are a good fit for us. 

When all is said and done, our program provides residents with COVID-friendly in-home massage, on-site personal training and on-site fitness classes, and virtual training, all bookable through our app. Talk about comprehensive, huh?

We have nailed this process down to a tee and I can tell within 15 minutes if we’re a good fit.

Book a call with me to learn about a better mouse trap here: <link>

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Evolve United

SUBJECT: The Next Step in Evolution 

Please tell me you didn’t let Brittany go through with Karaoke Wednesday… Anyway,

Homo Sapiens > Homo Erectus > Homo EvolveUnitedUs

(I know we all already learned this in grade school, but it never hurts to review.)

I’m writing you again because new scientific discoveries have revealed intriguing insights for landlords…

41% of residents are willing to pay more for an apartment if they have on-site fitness classes.

Over 3 times as many residents request on-site fitness classes over virtual options.

Ok, so now we know that residents value this so much so that they will pay extra for it… But what else do we provide?

I got something for you, and it only takes 50 seconds, and Darwin himself would have been blown away by it. Here is a video that briefly goes over why our partners decide to work with us over anyone else.

If you want to boost your amenities, come on back and book a quick 15 with me and we’ll help you Evolve.

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