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Tell me about these… beans.

We’d tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

Just kidding.  We’re not allowed to kill people or our moms won’t let us watch TV. :/

Mean Bean Productions is a Charlotte-based comedy/entertainment content creation MACHINE!  A former video production/multimedia company, Mean Bean has now devolved to and focuses solely on its most base (& valuable) desires: creating comedic original content.  Our specialty?

Highbrow meets lowbrow with a dash of that Mean Bean stank.

Why are you MEAN?!?!

Why do you ask so many questions? ARE YOU WITH THE FEDS?!?

Ya know, speaking of the Feds, we were doing some research last week on our Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 925s, and saw there were SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE on this planet! Now isn’t that fascinating? But get this–only about 300 of them follow us on YouTube!

Sounds a bit suspicious, right? Maybe there’s a conspiracy?

Maybe I’m being persecuted by the FBI, CIA, and NSA for changing my FB Profile picture to have an “I support Edward Snowden” filter on it for a couple weeks seven years ago?

The only way to get to the bottom of this is for you to explore every single page on our website as a distraction while we break into the Pentagon.  Do NOT neglect the importance of your mission.  10-4.  Godspeed, comrade.

Why are you so cryptic? Just let me in! Let me love you.


You really know how to wear a couple of young farts down.  When we get back from the Pentagon, we’ll talk.  Heck, maybe we’ll get a coffee.  On you?

Counting down the days.  Talk soon.  xoxo MB

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