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Self-Publishing My Grandpa’s Memoir

In early September 2021, after more than 15 years on his end and one on mine, my grandpa and I published his life story, Moiety of a Gingerbread Man: A Rocket Scientist’s Memoir. This project was simultaneously engaging and exhausting. I kept trying to motivate myself with “C’mon, it’s not rocket science!” and then remembering that it actually was rocket science, so that was an uphill battle.

Blog Post: Topic (Photography)

Aperture & ISO: Your New Best Friends  We take it you’ve gathered that when it comes to photography, light is crucial. As a photographer, your job is to figure out how to manipulate light to create the best and most accurate shots possible. There… Continue Reading “Blog Post: Topic (Photography)”

Blog Post: Ad/Promotion (PhotoWhoa)

Photography Inspiration Ideas: Photowhoa So, you’ve got a camera. You’ve got a model. You’re completely dead set on taking THE most awesome picture the human world has ever seen. But… you have absolutely no ideas. Nada. Zilch. Rest assured! Maybe the only thing you… Continue Reading “Blog Post: Ad/Promotion (PhotoWhoa)”

Email Marketing Copy: Expansion Initiative (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)

SUBJECT: Ideas for Resident Retention  Mouse traps? Inflatable bounce houses? Anything other than Karaoke Wednesdays… What if I told you there was a better way? (Because there is.) I’m the Co-Founder of Evolve United, a rising wellness company out of Denver, Colorado. We provide… Continue Reading “Email Marketing Copy: Expansion Initiative (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)”

Email Marketing Copy: Member Retention (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)

SUBJECT: Don’t Be the One Who Got Away… The middle school dance is happening all over again… Was it our breath? Was it because we didn’t fight?  Was it because you left us for… *gasp!* Richard Simmons?!  We get it; he has great hair…… Continue Reading “Email Marketing Copy: Member Retention (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)”