Goofy memes, videos, & web copy.

I love being a goon!! It’s part of how I’ve amassed over 40,000 followers on short video apps like Rizzle. On this page, you’ll find the greatest hits of Melanie Lech Multimedia memes for corporate marketing, funny web commercials for small businesses, and web copy samplings.

Whether your style is playful and silly, bold and edgy, devilishly clever, or muted and conservative, I’ve got your back.

“It’s comedy!”

Alex Cobb, Cobbservations

Memes for Corporate Marketing

In 2020, the world runs on memes. Though I’d argue that real gold shines in my personal repertoire, here are some of my most popular professional creations.

(Well, the AMC one was truly just because that’s how I feel about AMC’s popcorn… but I digress.)

It’s crucial when using memes for marketing to only use copyright-free images to avoid legal consequences. This can make it a little harder to keep things uber funny… for some. For me, it’s a challenge to really bring my A-game in finding creative roundabout solutions.

Interested in your own custom memes? Check out

This is so good. Only a few things I will want to change, but seriously, this is hilarious! Incredible job on the emails.

D. Smith, Evolve United

Scripts & Sreenwriting

The foundation of a good video is a good script. I have a knack for writing scripts around production budget (ie. no flamethrowers if you’ve only got $35 to spend on props) without sacrificing the funny. Often, folks also hire me to shoot these projects as well, so you can see samples of my writing come to life in the silly commercials section of this page or on my external social channels.

Sample Scripts

PDFs included in posts.

Commercial: “Matador Energy: No Bull”

A Dollar Shave Club feel with just the right amount of irreverence. MATADOR ENERGY: NO BULL INT. WAREHOUSE – DAY A JUNKIE twitches and crawls in the confines of a warehouse. He cracks open a silver can and takes a swig, suddenly sprouting wings and floating upward, giddy. A man – the MATADOR, holds a…

“A remarkable talent that has yet to be appreciated on a larger scale.”

Tom Schrachta

Silly Commercials

This silly commercial, Zombie Beds: The Egg Test, was made in retaliation to Purple Mattresses’ notorious “we pass the egg test” videos.

A quality video starts with good writing. The more time you put into the writing, the better the end product will be. And I put the work into the writing like no other.

The Egg Test video also showcases my attention to spectacle like no other. Costume, set, music, special effects, bold choices, and tight editing make for one of my favorite commercials I’ve had a hand in to date.

Our Queen City Comedy Experience: Now Are The Foxes Promo was loosely scripted on our end and ultimately improvised by the troupe on their end.

(Ignore the part where I am totally accidentally orange xP and it was one heck’uva successful promo.)

This is brilliant! You guys took a lot of [improv] crap and made something hilarious. Folks have already started sharing. Thanks.

Kale Evans, Queen City Comedy Experience

Wacky Graphics

I just really thought these should be here. Some of my finest Photoshop work for the Mean Bean Enquirer.

“Made me laugh so hard it flared my asthma to the point that I couldn’t play my saxophone in band class.”

Sarah Scotchie, @InvisibleMEDiary

Funny Web & Email Marketing Copy

Here are some samples of me being hilarious via the written word. See more samples of my writing on my writing page.

I tailor my copy to the sense of humor that suits your brand and customer base best.

Sample Copy:

Email Marketing Copy: Expansion Initiative (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)

SUBJECT: Ideas for Resident Retention  Mouse traps? Inflatable bounce houses? Anything other than Karaoke Wednesdays… What if I told you there was a better way? (Because there is.) I’m the Co-Founder of Evolve United, a rising wellness company out of Denver, Colorado. We provide an all-in-one wellness program that helps you attract more tenants, retain…

Email Marketing Copy: Member Retention (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)

SUBJECT: Don’t Be the One Who Got Away… The middle school dance is happening all over again… Was it our breath? Was it because we didn’t fight?  Was it because you left us for… *gasp!* Richard Simmons?!  We get it; he has great hair… But we’ve got a lot to offer, too!  And things at…

Web Copy:

Tell me about these… beans. We’d tell you, but then we’d have to kill you. Just kidding.  We’re not allowed to kill people or our moms won’t let us watch TV. :/ Mean Bean Productions is a Charlotte-based comedy/entertainment content creation MACHINE!  A former video production/multimedia company, Mean Bean has now devolved to and focuses solely on…

Email Copy: Newsletter (The Mean Bean Times)

All We Do is Win, Win, Win, No Matter What! (Ignore the countless years of failures that led up to this.) It’s been a spell since our last email, but that’s because we’ve been busy ballin’. Here are some bodacious new bachievements under our belts: We won first place and $600 in the Rizzle app’s R-Series Originals: The Lockdown contest for…

Satire & Comics

I am a founder, writer, and the comics gal for the Mean Bean Enquirer.

“She took Spanish once.”

Kiefer Smith