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Email Marketing Copy: Expansion Initiative (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)

SUBJECT: Ideas for Resident Retention  Mouse traps? Inflatable bounce houses? Anything other than Karaoke Wednesdays… What if I told you there was a better way? (Because there is.) I’m the Co-Founder of Evolve United, a rising wellness company out of Denver, Colorado. We provide… Continue Reading “Email Marketing Copy: Expansion Initiative (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)”

Email Marketing Copy: Member Retention (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)

SUBJECT: Don’t Be the One Who Got Away… The middle school dance is happening all over again… Was it our breath? Was it because we didn’t fight?  Was it because you left us for… *gasp!* Richard Simmons?!  We get it; he has great hair…… Continue Reading “Email Marketing Copy: Member Retention (On-Site Fitness & Wellness Company)”

Web Copy: meanbeanproductions.com

Tell me about these… beans. We’d tell you, but then we’d have to kill you. Just kidding.  We’re not allowed to kill people or our moms won’t let us watch TV. Mean Bean Productions is a Charlotte-based comedy/entertainment content creation MACHINE!  A former video production/multimedia company,… Continue Reading “Web Copy: meanbeanproductions.com”