Videography & video editing.

Melanie Lech Multimedia offers a variety of video services ranging from pre- to post-production, including screenwriting. I am well connected to talent and crew in the Charlotte area and hire them to assist me as necessary. I typically edit with Adobe CC, specifically Adobe Premiere, Audition, and After Effects. See comedy videos on my Comedy page.

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Video Editing Reel

This reel shows how I edit footage together to tell a story. It also highlights some of my vfx/motion graphics skills.

I’ve edited for Roush Fenway Racing/John Deere and Oscar Mayer.

The resulting videos amassed 11,000-220,000 views.

Multimedia Reel

Showcasing my portrait, product, and event photography, videography, animation, stop motion, social media content creation, web, and multimedia work.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Quality behind-the-scenes videos show your clients the work, equipment, and skill that goes into doing what you do.

BTS I shot and edited for 360 Visuals in Huntersville, NC of a two-day shoot for ServPro.
BTS video I shot and edited for 360 Visuals in Huntersville, NC on set of a Harris Teeter project.
Behind the scenes I filmed for 360 Visuals in Huntersville, NC capturing a project with Lucerno Dynamics.


While a lot of videos on this page overlap with this section (many are marketing videos for businesses), I wanted to highlight a few specific projects that illustrate this most clearly. Think “talking-head” testimonials, footage of your team in action, and internal pieces for employee training.

Testimonials video I shot & edited for Polaris Healthcare Partners.
Montage video I shot & edited for Polaris Healthcare Partners.

As producer, I hired a videographer and sound operator for the following two pieces.

Testimonials video I produced & edited for Polaris Healthcare Partners.
Montage video I produced & edited for Polaris Healthcare Partners.

Remote Editing Services

Send me your footage and I’ll make it happen. I work alongside your style guide to ensure imagery, fonts, and colors are all in line with your company’s branding.

Edited for BNI, one of the world’s largest networking organizations.
Edited for BNI, one of the world’s largest networking organizations.

Stock Footage Edits

If you don’t have the resources or financial stability just yet to invest in video production services, stock footage video edits are a great alternative.

Based on your company’s needs and the vision for your Facebook ad or video, I’ll surf the web for relevant footage and compile it together into one cohesive video for you. From there, I can add in-video captions, voiceover, and your logo to make the video unique to you.

My stock footage edits have reached up to 280,000 views each on Facebook.

See the original #WeAreStronger video (280k+ views) here:

Social Media Ads

These are essentially a one-stop shop product. You provide a script (or I can write one for an additional charge); I shoot the footage, hire actors, edit audio & video, and add optional in-video captions. These ads are suitable for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

My Facebook ads for clients have reached up to 20,000-200,000 views each.

See the original Privacy Again ad (200k+ views) on Facebook:
See the original video (21k+ views) on Facebook:

Band Demo Reels

You give me a list of your top tunes; I’ll film the entirety of them during your show and put together a kick-butt band demo video showing your skills off to the world. I use audio captured by your sound engineer on site.

YouTube Videos

Being a YouTube creator is as viable a career as any in the modern age, and the way the video is edited can make all the difference.

Trimming out the doldrum, boring parts, using J-cuts, adding fun graphics, manipulating video speed, and implementing engaging transitions are a sure way to keep your audience interested.

It’s crucial as a monetized creator to only use copyright-free content, especially music. I’m experienced in navigating these waters while avoiding the same three free songs that the majority of creators use – and trust me, that’ll save you a bum-ton of time. (If you’re already using copyrighted material and don’t intend to monetize, we can go crazier with what we add.)

Stop Motion

Stop motion sequences are a grade-A unique way to tell stories and add some extra pizzazz to your project.

See visuals effects and motion graphics above in my Video Editing Reel and YouTube videos section.

Comedy Videos

See samples of my comedy videos on my comedy page.