Writing & literary editing.

Here are some samples of my writing for web copy, email marketing, and blog posts. I tend to use a more colloquial tone and at least incorporate light humor! I also offer literary editing services. Just be warned: I love an Oxford comma.

Short films and miniseries I’ve written (individually and as a team) have gone on to win awards and cash prizes in festivals and contests.

For comedy samples and scripts, see my comedy page.

“I know [this compliment]’s not original, but I can only say “AWESOME!”

Larry Carlson, Moiety Of a Gingerbread Man


Blog Post: Topic (Photography)

Aperture & ISO: Your New Best Friends  We take it you’ve gathered that when it comes to photography, light is crucial. As a photographer, your job is to figure out how to manipulate light to create the best and most accurate shots possible. There are three ways to adjust how your camera takes in light…

Blog Post: Ad/Promotion (PhotoWhoa)

Photography Inspiration Ideas: Photowhoa So, you’ve got a camera. You’ve got a model. You’re completely dead set on taking THE most awesome picture the human world has ever seen. But… you have absolutely no ideas. Nada. Zilch. Rest assured! Maybe the only thing you see when you walk outside is sidewalks covered in chewing gum,…

Moiety of a Gingerbread Man

The editing process continues! Moiety of a Gingerbread Man is an upcoming memoir by Larry W. Carlson, a rocket scientist/engineer who lived through some of history’s most fascinating recent events.